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Alexandra practices law throughout the State of Indiana. Her practice focuses on the things that matter, families and children.  As a previous educator, she brings invaluable experience to her focus practice areas of Family and Education Law. She represents parents of kids with special needs and who have been otherwise marginalized and fights hard to make sure they are treated equally and with dignity and respect.  The schools she works with have a high commitment to serving underserved populations and closing the achievement gap.  She has high expertise in education laws, special education law, and special needs guardianships. Her practice concentrates on working with families to ensure stability and success despite the issues they are striving to overcome.  This includes families that are in transition due to marriage dissolutions or divorces and with families seeking to protect their child(ren)'s interests by seeking custody modifications, child support changes, and with other family law needs.  She is a frequent speaker throughout the State of Indiana and is highly regarded by her clients and colleagues.  Please call her for a consultation today. 

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