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Welcome to Curlin & Clay Law, Association of Attorneys

Our attorneys offer extensive experience in domestic relations and family law, school/education law, workplace/employment law, and bankruptcy matters. Curlin & Clay Law, Association of Attorneys will provide responsive and effective representation in these and related legal matters in Indianapolis, central Indiana, and throughout the state.

Why Us?

We consider it our job to provide excellent service in everything we do. Each case is carefully evaluated by one of our attorneys so we understand the client's goal(s), and the client understands what to expect moving forward. The consultation allows us to provide our clients with accurate and objective legal advice. Communication and honesty are key in an attorney/client relationship and our firm values those principles. Whether you are a husband or wife, employer or employee, school or parent, our experienced litigators are well-versed in courtroom protocol and will fight to ensure that you receive skillful, competent representation.

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Based in Indianapolis, Curlin & Clay Law, the Association of Attorneys is licensed to practice law throughout the state of Indiana. If you need legal advice or representation, call us today at (317) 202-0301 and schedule a consultation. Our attorneys will review your case in detail and answer your questions.

Curlin & Clay Law

Seek the help of experienced lawyers from Curlin & Clay Law, Association of Attorneys as soon as possible. We'd be more than happy to help you with any legal issues you may be facing.

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Curlin & Clay Law is committed to answering your questions about Family and Domestic Law, Education Law, Employment Law, and Wills & Probate law issues in Indianapolis, IN.